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Expansion of systems/further technical development

Internet-based and satellite-based MoWaS stations

Illustration: Leitstelle

To be able to use the modular warning system, situation or control centres require their own access. We have developed a possibility to access MoWaS via the public internet in order to allow as many warning authorities as possible to be connected to MoWaS. This is cheaper than a separate satellite access.

As part of the Federal Government/Länder ISF project, 250 internet-based MoWaS transmitting and receiving stations (vS/E; template creating transmitting and receiving) were first put into operation for test purposes throughout Germany at the federal, Land and local government levels from April 2019 to the end of 2020.

They have a newly designed operator interface and input logic and complement the satellite-based systems (S/E; transmitting and receiving). In total, there are now more than 350 MoWaS stations throughout Germany.

Further technical development

Based on experience gained from practical operation, we subjected the existing satellite-based MoWaS stations to further technical development and equipped them with new high-performance hardware.

The systems are provided with an intuitive operating concept and also integrate many new warning disseminators (e.g. broadcasting corporations and online portals) and other warning devices (e.g. digital city information boards and warning apps).

Evaluation of the MoWaS overall system

The operation of the further developed and expanded MoWaS overall system was thoroughly analysed by us taking into account special aspects (e.g. stability, speed, security and requirements of different user groups). It turned out, for example, that MoWaS users in control and situation centres would like to receive support in the form of instructions and points of contact.

Accordingly, we develop services to make the operation of the system more accessible and easier. With the “MoWaS Academy”, we put a new training system into operation and also introduced an annual user conference for MoWaS users.