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Warning effectiveness

Die Grafik zeigt eine Frau und einen Mann im Gespräch und zwei Sprechblasen, die jeweils das Symbol der Warnung, ein schwarzumrandetes Dreieck mit schwarzem Ausrufezeichen auf gelbem Hintergrund, enthalten.

The human being is at the focus of attention of the warning. Because warnings are intended to help people protect themselves in good time in case of emergency. Whether a warning achieves this goal depends on reliable technology as well as on various psychosocial factors.

These factors include, for example, warning texts formulated in easily comprehensible language and target group-oriented warnings. Psychosocial factors must be examined and considered when warning in order to improve the warning effectiveness.

When is a warning effective?

A warning is effective if it helps the people concerned to protect themselves in time in case of emergency. Therefore, it is important that a warning can be perceived, understood, accepted and implemented by all population groups concerned.

This requires warning authorities to know the needs and resources of the various population groups in their warning area and to notice them during the crisis situation. They can thus respond to the development of the situation and the changing information needs of the population. In order to improve the warning effectiveness, we take various measures: