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Public relations

A wide range of public relations work

Die Grafik zeigt eine Hand, die einen beschriften Zettel hält, auf dem mittig das Symbol der Warnung, ein schwarzumrandetes Dreieck mit schwarzem Ausrufezeichen auf gelbem Hintergrund, abgebildet ist.

We provide more detailed information to make our work and the warning of the population easier to understand. The system of civil protection is complex. In the Federal Government/Länder ISF project, we carry out a wide range of public relations work on the subject of warning of the population and try to create a better understanding through explanations and, thus, more trust. Furthermore, we support disaster control authorities in their public relations work with materials developed as part of the ISF project:

Project website

Our project website provides information about the ISF project and the warning of the population.


We offer licence-free illustrations of warning-relevant hazard situations for download.

Short films

We offer two short films that inform about the mix of warning devices used in Germany and the modular warning system (MoWaS).

Practice-oriented recommendation for local public relations

On the occasion of the first Nationwide Alert Day in 2020, we carried out a local information campaign via the Instagram channels of the cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen as an example. The processed results were included as a practice-oriented recommendation for local public relations in our publication Lokale Warnkonzepte – Leitfaden zum Erstellen lokaler Warnkonzepte im Bevölkerungsschutz mit Beispielen aus Mannheim und Ludwigshafen am Rhein (“Local warning concepts – Guideline for the preparation of local warning concepts in civil protection with examples from Mannheim and Ludwigshafen on the Rhine”).