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That is what we are still planning to do – Warning effectiveness

Disaster control lighthouses

Warning in case of a large-scale power failure is a task that is still largely unsolved. Since 2015, many municipalities and Länder have established disaster control lighthouses as points of contact for the population in crisis situations in order to provide information and assistance in case of a prolonged power failure and to facilitate neighbourly exchange. In the ISF project, we want to collect the experience various municipalities and countries gained with disaster control lighthouses and evaluate it with regard to warning.

Virtual Operations Support Teams

In order to ensure that as many warning authorities as possible know the potential benefits of social media, take them into account in a crisis and, if necessary, are also able to rely on external support, we are developing a practice-oriented handout on the topic in the ISF project in cooperation with the Virtual Operations Support Team of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW).

Connection of non-German stations to MoWaS

Currently, Radio Metropol FM is the only non-German-speaking station connected to MoWaS. What parameters do non-German-speaking stations need as warning disseminators? How do non-German-speaking stations handle incoming warnings? In the ISF project, we carry out an initial requirement assessment.