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Warning devices/mix of warning devices – definitions

What are warning devices?

Warning devices are directly available “terminal devices” or applications through which warning messages can be sent and people can be alerted.

Warning devices include, for example, warning apps, radio and television, websites, social media, digital city information boards, loudspeaker vehicles or sirens.

What does mix of warning devices mean?

A warning contains very important information and is intended to reach as many people as possible. For this reason, a warning message is distributed via many different warning devices and warning channels.

If a warning message via a particular warning device (such as television, radio or social media) is not noticed by a person concerned or if a warning device fails, a large number of other warning devices (such as city information boards, warning apps, loudspeaker vehicles and warning via websites) are simultaneously employed.

The more warning devices are included in the mix of warning devices, the higher the probability that a warning message will reach the recipients concerned.