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Warning via vehicle navigation systems

How can drivers be warned?

The Federal Government/Länder ISF project also looked for a solution to warn drivers via their navigation system of current hazards.

The challenge was to find a way to feed warning messages issued via the modular warning system into a navigation system.

To this end, we have co-developed a standard to issue warning messages, the specification TPEG2-EAW (Emergency Alerts and Warnings), that can be used worldwide. This standard allows, for example, manufacturers and operators of navigation and traffic information systems to transmit warning messages to terminals such as navigation systems.

TPEG2-EAW field trial

In 2021, we tested the developed TPEG2-EAW specification in a field trial in which we took a critical look at the path of a warning message up to its output to the recipients.

The trial showed that the specification is suited to send official warning messages and effectively warn travellers. Now, the last technical and organisational questions regarding a connection to MoWaS have to be clarified and the navigation system providers have to be convinced to implement the specification in their devices.